The Writer's Salon
The Writer's Salon

Welcome to The Writer's Salon

About Us

The Writer's Salon was founded as a result of the need for writers to have a safe space where they can be in a community with other writers like themselves. Within this space, we share resources and information to assist you in developing your craft. 

The Writer’s Salon is a safe space to share, we ask that our conversations be limited to what benefits our writers, anything personal should be posted privately. SPAM is not allowed in the group and if any of the rules are violated, we will uphold our right to remove you from the group. 


Why You Should Join Me

If you are searching for a writing community that will motivate, encourage, support, hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader then you should join us. Within this space you will learn many things about writing/publishing, from joining writing workshops, open mics, submitting to call for submissions, writers retreats, and so much more.